Robert Arnold proposes a complete overhaul of the school system, working from the ground up. He defines a new framework for our public schools designed to vastly improve learning outcomes. Remaking Our Schools for the Twenty-First Century addresses teacher education and teacher requirements, a key to sustainable and improved public education. Remaking Our Schools pulls the focus from standardized tests and the blame game to the personal experiences of each student, and looks outside the predefined curriculum to a wealth of worldly resources. Robert Arnold explains in layman’s terms how to provide the necessary resources and direction for all students to become lifelong learners—learning from each other and capitalizing upon the vast capabilities of communication technologies that connect us with the past, present and future.

The Constructive Assessment, Recordkeeping, and Evaluation System (CARES) is a field tested model built on a detailed understanding of group dynamics, child development and the nature of knowledge and knowing. It is critical to sustainable and sensible change. Under the CARES model, students are considered people with unique experiences and thoughts instead of blank slates to be filled with lists of predefined information, no matter how well-intentioned those lists may be.